Buenaventura IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology

Spotlight: 2016-2017 Speaker Events

Thanks to members of our Chapter's officers and advisory board, we have been able to fill our speaker calendar for the coming year!


January 27 Science of Aging, Exercise, and Musculoskeletal Health - Prof. Steven Hawkins
February 24 Cloning, Medical Gene Therapy and the Law - Ms. Panda Kroll
March 30 Career Fair
April 27 Patenting Algorithms in Medical Devices - David Sarisky
September 28 Case Study: Systems Engineering in Medical Device Development - Jim Leatham
October 26 Super-resolution Microscopy - Tijana Jovanovic-Talisman
November 16 Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases - Fred A. Rosenberg
December 14 Advances in Implantable Medical Devices - Varaz Shahmirian


January 25 Optical Engineering: Lens Design and Custom Microscope Systems in Medical Devices - William McGuigan
February 22 Family's Health Improvement - Cindy Keitel
March 29 Career Fair
April 26 CODONS: The Words of Life - Bardia Besharat

Our meetings take place Wednesdays, with an optional sit-down buffet dinner at 6 p.m., current events and news from 6:30 to 7, and the technical session at 7 p.m.

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