Buenaventura IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology


Our speaker events bring college students and successful professionals into the same auditorium. This gives the chapter a fantastic opportunity to facilitate the dialog between established professionals in biomedical engineering and students who have chosen to pursue the path of bioengineering.

Our Chapter offers a Mentor Program to both students who would appreciate guidance from a Mentor in the field of Bio Engineering and to etablished professionals who enjoy sharing wisdom and coaching young and talented individuals.

The mentor program philanthropic philosophy is tohelp young people who do not “know the ropes” as a professional does.

The Mentor acts as an educator, assisting a student to learn about career options and coaching her or him on the skills and attitudes, which will improve the chances for success in that career. The Mentor is responsible for responding to the student’s request for advice, encouraging the student to network with other professionals, educating him or her on the work involved in their career, and talking about different options in their field. They may review a student's resume and give critical feedback. They might also advise on the most important skills to acquire or the most useful internship to pursue. Finally, Mentors might aid in graduate education advice and grant them practice interviews.

If you are either seeking a Mentor or would like to be Mentor, please contact us at Contact @ Buenaventura IEEE- EMBS Chapter

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